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Concrete Repair and Structural Strengthening

We provide engineering solutions for Concrete Strengthening and Rehabilitation. We specialize specifically in the upgrade, modification, and repair of all concrete structures. We have the ability to provide services from supply and installation up to detailed design and construct solutions for most situations.

Vision catalyst has been operating for more than 10 years in Concrete Repair and Strengthening of numerous structural buildings and amenities in the UAE. We are preferred applicators of Sika, BASF, FOSROC, HILTI, Conmix, MAPEI and similar construction chemical systems for many of UAE’s top clients and consultants, we have the knowledge and experience to find cost-effective solutions for your structure

We strictly follow our Health and Safety policy that is compliant with the industry's regulations, eliminating the risk of construction hazards. Our safety-oriented staff has a vast knowledge of technical concrete repair methods and materials, which contribute to our high safety performance while delivering on time within budget. We have incorporated standards based on ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001-2007 which meet all the minimum requirements of dust and noise nuisance during operation

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Strengthening of Structures:
⦁ CFRP - Carbon fiber composite polymer:
This process consists of a resin (usually epoxy) which transfers the stress between the fibers and protects them. Strengthening of Structures using the application of CFRP Material, which can reduce the unnecessary works and minimizes the period of time required for rehabilitation particularly for operational premises. CFRP is available in a variety of shapes, including strips; wrap tissues and CFRP slotted bars.

⦁ GFRP - Glass fiber Composite Polymer
Use of aramid and glass fibers or polyester resins is used for the Strengthening of various structures, similarly to CFRP; it is dependent on the nature of the structure, budget, and design requirements.

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⦁ Concrete Jacketing
This is a strengthening process whereby a section of an existing structural member is restored to its original dimensions or the cross sections are increased using suitable materials. This method is used for damage repair or design error to increase the load capacity of the structure and extend its service life.

⦁ Shotcrete
Shotcrete application can be used instead of conventional concrete in many locations in industrial premises, infrastructure, swimming pools and various application in new construction for residential buildings. We have experience in the following processes:
⦁ Dry mix Shotcrete: Increased Bonding ability and bonding strength, the water content are controlled at the nozzle, less waste is created during dry shotcrete, Low investment.
⦁ Wet mix Shotcrete: The water content is controlled more precisely, Cost of the process is lesser, Labour required is less, The spraying operation is easy as the mix is prepared before, The air consumed is less, Admixtures can be added as per design requirement.

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⦁ Crack Injection
We specialize in both Epoxy Injection and Polyurethane Injection. High strength structural epoxies are appropriate for stable cracks requiring a structural repair. Cracks can be reinstated with an epoxy typically having much higher compressive and tensile strengths than the concrete itself.

⦁ Polyurethane Injection
Low viscosity polyurethane resins are injected into cracks under high pressure and react to form a flexible foam. Where structural repairs are not required, polyurethane injection is commonly used to seal structures to prevent water ingress and passage.

⦁ Patch repair and resurfacing
Patch repair method is commonly used for horizontal surfaces on slabs either elevated or on grade. Deterioration may be caused by corrosion of steel reinforcement and chemical attacks. This method directly repairs the damaged reinforced steel and reinstates the lost concrete from deterioration. This method is easy, fast and can be applied manually without using heavy equipment

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⦁ Structural repair using of Forms and Pumps Technique
The primary purpose of using this method is to reinstate the structural integrity for the damaged elements. The form-and-pump technique is most commonly used for repairing vertical elements such as columns and walls. This technique uses a high strength free flowing pumping concrete repair mortar. Mainly used for highly damaged concrete.

⦁ Protection of steel Reinforcement
In recent years there has been an increase in the need for concrete rehabilitation particularly within structures exposed to water and extreme weather such as the Gulf area. For this reason, engineers have recognized the issue of steel reinforcement corrosion as significant and often protect the reinforcement against corrosion prior to commencing the rehabilitation method.

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⦁ Treatment of Expansion Joints
We offer a full service of crack repair treatment that starts with an assessment to determine the cause of the crack prior to the injection procedure. There are various reasons for dry cracks to arise in reinforced concrete such as: Drying Shrinkage, Overloading conditions that produce flexural, tensile or shear cracks in concrete, Thermal contraction or expansion, Settlement, Lack of structural design, Movement restrictions.
Cracks can be injected from one or both sides of the crack depending on the penetration throughout the concrete section. Repairing of cracks by epoxy can reduce the moisture penetration through the concrete crack from 0.02mm and greater and restore the structural integrity.

⦁ Application of Fire Stop Sealant
Firestop applications are frequently used for various residential, commercial and industrial structures. Applying firestop sealants are a safety measure and prevent the spreading of fire throughout structures. Firestop sealants are most commonly used for high-risk areas such as electrical rooms, block wall partitions, and substations

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⦁ Soil Stabilization
Soil Stabilization is a process to alter and enhance physical properties of soil. Stabilization increases the shear strength of a soil and/or control the shrink-swell properties of soil, thus improving the load bearing capacity of a sub-grade to support pavements and foundations.
We are specialized in all types of soil improvements, soil consolidation, soil compaction, soil injection, soil grouting etc. that increases the bearing capacity with the application of polyurethane foams and gels.
Soil Stabilization can be utilized on roadways, bridges, parking areas, site development projects, airport runways and many other situations where sub-soils are not suitable for construction. Stabilization can be used to treat a wide range of sub-grade materials, varying from expansive clays to granular materials.

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