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Architecture and Project Management

Architectural Services

As architects, we work with space and elements to create a coherent and functional structure. We plan and create sophisticated designs with clear value and aesthetics. The architectural design focuses on the aesthetic and function of the structure and its design works to create a space that flows with its surroundings.

There are several steps involved in the design process for an architectural project. Each step is very important to the overall look, feel, and safety of the project.
1. Schematic Design
Site Planning, Code Analysis, Design Concepts & Options
2. Design Development
Developed Elevations, Sections and Floor Plans
3. Construction Documents
Construction Drawings & Specifications
4. Bidding
Contractor Selection & Evaluation, Bidding Management
5. Construction
Construction Observation & Administration, Fast Track Design Coordination

Additional Architectural Services Include:
⦁ Model Building & Computer Generated 3D Modeling
⦁ Hand Rendering Sketches & Digital Graphics

Project description

Project Documentation Services

We provide all types of drawings and documents for all stages of the project lifecycle. Our team of engineers, Architects, Interior designers, and Draftsman are specialized in design and experienced in software skills to produce drawings as follows:
⦁ Architectural & Interior design and drawings and Sketches
⦁ Council & Regulatory Bodies Documentation
⦁ Structural Design and Drawings
⦁ Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design & Drawings
⦁ Civil Defense/ Fire Fighting design and drawings
⦁ Tender drawings and documentation
⦁ Estimates and Bill of Quantities
⦁ Working/Detailed Drawings
⦁ Shop Drawings
⦁ 3d perspectives & Mood boards

Project description

Project Management Services

Our project management team acts as the client’s representative for any project, whether it be a villa, building, large-scale interior or civil project. The team converts concepts into reality by overseeing the implementation of your project from design to development – collaborating with consultants/authorities & other stakeholders. The delivery is achieved through value engineering, optimizing best market trends, and efficient space planning, integrating services and matching customer’s time & cost requirements.
⦁ Due Diligence/ Feasibility Studies
⦁ Design Management
⦁ Document Control
⦁ Quality Management
⦁ Cost Management
⦁ Surveys and Inspections
⦁ Contractor and Vendor Management
⦁ Stakeholder and Authorities Liaison
⦁ Materials Selection and Advice
⦁ Obtaining Quotations
⦁ Planning and Scheduling

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