Technical Supply

technical supply.jpgIn addition to the supply of Genuine Customized Engineering products, our trained service personnel offer technical support. All our service technicians and engineers have detailed product knowledge and experience in our Filtration and In – Situ vertical. Our technical supply team equipped with highly experienced engineer can help our clients design and execute any customized products used in construction, engineering, Interiors, Landscape and Industries. We use metals, alloys, concrete and different raw materials to match our clients requirements based on there purpose and usage.

Vision Catalyst Filtration & Separation Division plays a critical role in various industries for the optimal selection, 'design & operation' of processes to improve the overall efficiency. Filtration & Separation are vital to protect the downstream equipments and in some cases maximizing product recovery. These processes can reduce significant fraction of total operating costs in industries.

Vision Catalyst is one of the most trusted brands in Filtration & Separation applications. We serve industries, which include Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Offshore, Power, Water, Waste Water, Marine, Cement, Fertilizer, Food Processing, etc.

With a qualified, experienced & dedicated team of engineers’, Vision Catalyst consults & provides appropriate solutions to clients. Our customer base in the Middle-East includes the global EPC Contractors’, major government organizations and private companies.

We are also solution providers for skid-mounted, modular fluid process systems. These units are fully optimized “Engineered-to-Order” packages ready to “plug and play” at your site.

In - Situ Machine Tools

Vision Catalyst provides tools that redefine ‘state-of-the-art’ machining and welding for the most powerful, precise, on-site solutions. Our tools meet the tightest tolerance and quality requirement. We increase profitability by bringing back your workhorses online in time.

We provide complete solutions to various segments of industry such as Power, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, and other industrial sectors. With a qualified and experienced team of engineers, Vision Catalyst also offers customized engineering solutions for your machine and welding needs.

Our customer base in the Middle-East includes the global EPC Contractors’, major government organizations and private companies.


Vision Catalyst Electrical & Instrumentation division provides wide range of products & solutions to Power, Energy, Rail Technology, Marine, Renewable energy, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Alternate Fuel (CNG), Water, Aluminum Smelters and other Segments.

This division provides products including Heavy Current Transducers, Process Control Transducers, Angular Positioning Transducers, Energy Control Systems, Harmonic – Active, Passive Filters, Sine Wave, dv/dt, EMC Filters, Partial Discharge Measurement Equipment, Switchgear Accessories, Cable Spiker, Quality Control Valves, Pressure Regulators, Thermostats, Energy-Exchange Glycol Pumps, Gas-operated Pilots and other control devices for the Oil and Gas industry. Our products are used to control vessel and lead line temperatures, liquid level inside pressurized vessels, etc.

Piping & Repairs

Vision Catalyst provides a wide variety of pipeline pig location, tracking and passage detection equipment for use onshore, offshore platforms and subsea. It is the easiest to use on the market and it is our mission to deliver the best and latest technology in pipeline pig tracking and communications equipment for our customer base in the Middle East.