Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

electrical-and-mechanical1.jpgBeing one of the professional MEP Contracting Companies and supported by our DEWA Certified Engineers. Our MEP Division is responsible for handling MEP Projects through all the phases in accordance and full coordination with DEWA’s latest standards and regulations, starting with the design reaching to installation, commissioning, and complete handing over.

Vision Catalyst MEP is specializes in Air-Conditioning, Electrical and Plumbing works. We have qualified technical teams at your service with a capacity of handling projects in MEP, Interior fit out, Annual Maintenance Contracts and Renovation works up to any required standard.


We offer:

  • Repair and / or replacement of mechanical and electrical equipment including distribution boards, circuit boards, circuit breakers, ELCBs, lighting fittings, control panels, switches and water heaters.
  • Repair of water pumps, which can be done on site.
  • Repairing of external leaks on pipes
  • Cleaning of tanks.

 Our MEP services include:

  • Supply & Installation of LV cables and its complete accessories
  • Supply & Installation of cable joints, termination kits, glands, lugs, etc.
  • Supply & Installation of LV switchgear including MDB’s, SMDB’s, FDB’s, and capacitor banks
  • Supply & Installation of road works such as light poles, LCC’s, FP’s, ST’s, etc.
  • Supply & Installation of fire alarm systems (conventional and addressable systems) including fire fighting items such as fire pumps, fire hose rails, fire hydrants, and sprinkles systems
  • Supply & Installation of window AC’s, split units, FCU’s, package units, and air handling units,
  • Supply & Installation of HVAC systems
  • Supervision & execution of mechanical works, open-close parenthesis, plumbing, water supply and drainage
  • Supervision of hot water solar system, filtration system, and hot & cold water supplies
  • Installation of building management system (conduits, trunking, trays, etc.)
  • Design, implementation, maintaining, and improving electrical instruments, equipment, facilities, components, products, and systems for commercial, industrial, and domestic purposes
  • Preparations of temporary site offices (caravans) including MEP and low current systems
  • Dealing with traffic control systems in-coordination with subcontractors such as M/s Siemens (AG)
  • Review and study of electrical and mechanical drawings including design drawings


Our Low Current Division focuses on delivering full-fledged professional services for Structured Cabling Systems to fulfill our projects’ requirements through the expertise of our fully committed team. Having our certified pre-sales, engineers, project managers, and technicians in addition to our In house dedicated manpower and advanced testing tools, we are confident that we can deliver any project to its outstanding success smoothly.

As subcontractor’s, our aim is to assist our customers to enhance their professional image towards their clients through our knowledge, experience, and well defined project plans.

Our Structured Cabling Services include:

  • Providing turnkey cabling solutions,
  • Installation & commissioning of structured cabling systems,
  • Fiber termination & splicing,
  • Preparation of As-built drawings,
  • Re-arranging of existing structured cabling systems,
  • Testing Fiber/UTP (using our advanced testing tools such as Fluke OTDR, Fluke Power Metter OPTI Fiber OAF-500, JDSU OTDR, Fluke DTX 1200, and Fluke DTX 800).


Another major service provided by our Low Current Division is low current security technologies including; CCTV Systems, Security Cameras and Access Control. We support each project with a set of engineers, a project manager, specialists, and labors, to provide an outstanding professional delivery to our projects.

We focus on the professional services only (Projects’ Installation, commissioning, and management), in addition to that; we provide Customers with entire designs and layouts that are prepared by our engineers.

Our Security Services include:

  • CCTV camera installation & commissioning,
  • Access control,
  • Building management systems,
  • Fire alarm system,
  • LV system integration.


As part of our professional specialty services; due to our awareness that Data Centers have become an essential requirement in today’s market; We provide full solutions for Data Center preparation including UPS, fire fighting, AC control, raking, raised floors, data cabling and power distribution cables. Through our technology partners and our Data Center specialist team we ensure you that we have the assets to deliver high quality Data Center Projects.

Our Data Center service includes:

  • Preparation of Data Centers based on Tier definitions and associated costs, TIA 942, BICSI 002, ASHRAE, and other Standards
  • Design of energy efficiency (DCIE and PUE)
  • Sizing and defining the appropriate data center space
  • Specifying of raised access floors
  • Optimizing room layouts including hot aisle/cold aisle formats
  • Sizing and designing of resilient power supply system including UPS and generator selection. N, N+1 and 2N models
  • IT grade earthling, grounding and bonding
  • Sizing and designing of air conditioning system plus modern low energy options
  • Fire detection and suppression techniques appropriate to data centers
  • Building management and physical security
  • Data cable selection, copper and fiber, and ideal interconnect models